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Jozee and Cricket’s study of herbalism, music, and yoga as a way of life began years before they met in 1993. Both being avid students of conga drumming as a form of sound healing, their union was solidified through the drum spirit. Jozee and Cricket fell in love and embarked on their lifelong journey together, carefully designing their lifestyle to meet their own personal and spiritual needs.


Having raised their seven children over the past 30 years on a plant-based diet and herbal formulations, they’ve witnessed first-hand the amazing medicinal power nature has to offer. Jozee and Cricket came of age within the cannabis movement in California and developed a personal relationship with cannabis. They decided to share their high standards of what they consider to be real medicinal healing as an offering to the world. For well over 20 years, they’ve made and sold herbal formulas, tinctures, topicals, and edibles; providing high quality organic medicine to thousands of patients to assist them with a wide variety of needs.


In 2018, Jozee and Cricket joined forces with Melissa Etheridge and her wife, Linda, to create Etheridge Organics, a health and wellness legacy brand. Jozee is currently the CEO, and Cricket is the COO of Etheridge Organics.


Jozee is an herbalist (with a focus on creating herbal formulations), vocalist, and yoga instructor (specializing in Restorative and Ayurveda). She is also an appointed commissioner for the Santa Cruz County Substance Use Disorder Commission, and she sits on a standing committee for the Behavioral Health Equity Collaborative in Santa Cruz County.


Cricket is an artist, writer, lyricist, and musician at heart. Everything he does reflects his gentle care and meticulous attention to every detail. Cricket has a background in graphic design, herbal product manufacturing, and music production. Cricket has also been the drum circle facilitator for the Etheridge Cruises and Etheridge Island for the past 5 years.









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