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In 2004, Graciela became a hairstylist and after years of experience, Graciela felt the need to help people on a deeper level than their appearance. In 2010, Graciela took Reiki Level One and Two from Reiki Master Samantha Karena Bustos. Graciela was fascinated by what she learned and how intentional movement of energy can heal others. In 2012, Graciela extended her spiritual journey and expanded her knowledge of Reiki by passing Reiki level 3 and earning the title “Reiki Master” with Reiki Master Conie Barley. Since then, Graciela has been offering remote sessions and in-person Reiki to anyone who needs healing, including hospice patients. Through Reiki, Graciela is not only able to help the spiritual and emotional well-being of her clients but their physical well-being as well. Using her gift, Graciela has given Reiki to several long distance clients all over the world! 





“I visited this salon for my first reiki treatment with Graciela. It was an absolutely amazing experience! I think in reiki, it gives you exactly what you need in that moment, and that is exactly what it did for me! Graciela has a gift that I do not think is teachable. I left the salon speechless with my hands over my mouth because I had no idea what to expect and it ended up being transformative! Muchas gracias Graciela! Truly an amazing experience!


~Margaret Pereira


“Not only is salon owner Graciela my amazing hairdresser, but she is an amazing Reiki Therapist as well! I have had several reiki sessions with Graciela for various physical and psychological issues. Both relaxing and energizing at the same time. Always an amazing outcome! I am a nurse practitioner and I have recommended Graciela for Reiki therapy on many occasion.”

~Mary Milano Carter


“Graciela Bustos is a very talented and dedicated Reiki practitioner. I have known her and been given Reiki by her for many years. She is always responsible, respectful, and on time. She is very pleasant and caring to be around. She is highly effective as a healer, intuitively knowing how to help the receiver feel better, more calm, refreshed, and peaceful. I fully recommend her to anyone interested in receiving Reiki.”

~Barbara Segal


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